The ultimate stereo effects cabinet.

Komet Amplification introduced the groundbreaking AmbiKab at Winter NAMM 2017. This patent pending technology represents the world’s first self contained wet/dry/wet stereo rig that allows guitar players to apply ambient, time based effects such as reverb and delay to any guitar amplifier without degrading the original sound in any way. For 2018, Komet Amplification is proud to announce the expansion of the AmbiKab concept with our new AmbiKab Junior cabinet.


The AmbiKab Junior offers all the effects handling capabilities of its big brother, minus the dry signal path. AmbiKab Junior is intended to be used with combo amplifiers that already feature internal speaker(s) for the dry guitar sound. Simply plug the AmbiKab Junior into the combo amp’s second speaker output and expand your amp into a full stereo wet/dry/wet effects rig — without altering your amp’s tone and response in any way. Having the AmbiKab Junior physically separate from your main amp and its speaker(s) greatly enhances sound imaging possibilities by positioning them in different locations for more extreme stereo separation.


AmbiKab Junior is also perfect for players who already own a favorite guitar speaker cabinet. Simply run your amp through your preferred cabinet, and add the AmbiKab Junior by plugging it into your amp’s second speaker out jack for instant stereo-effects handling capability.

Price $1199.00 US available May 2018

“I want an amp to be fast and dynamic. I want to hear the note with multiple layers of harmonic complexity, giving a fat, euphonic, and lyrical tone. ...My goal is to make amps that make the soundtrack to people’s lives.”

‐ Ken Fischer, Trainwreck Circuits

Komet shares Ken Fischer’s ideal of what constitutes a great guitar amplifier. All Komet™ designs that followed the Komet 60 are based on what we have gleaned from Ken Fischer’s mentorship. Sadly, Ken Fischer passed in December of 2006. We miss his guidance, friendship and humor, and we are honored to be part of the Trainwreck lineage.

The Komet Spirit