The highly anticipated post production version of the coveted Limited Edition 50 Watt amplifier. In 2005, Ken Fischer re-designed the Komet® 60 circuit for a more aggressive and modern, higher gain rock sound. This was a limited run of 30, custom hardwood enclosures constructed of African Bubinga and flamed maple panels. This limited edition run sold out immediately, but a demand for the its intoxicating sound continued — and can now be heard in the Komet® Concorde. It shares the exact circuit of the Limited Edition, along with Ken Fischer’s specially designed power and output transformers.

The Concorde's front control panel is simple and intuitive. Volume followed by a standard 3-band EQ, a presence control as well as a high cut control. The high cut control operates within the power section of the amplifier and thus allows the user to darken and shape the overall tone of the amplifier without affecting the equalization of the preamp section. This solves the common problem of the loss of gain and clarity when turning the treble control down in the preamp.

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Supersonic playability

Besides its higher gain, other distinguishing features compared to the Komet® 60 are: a circuit which is designed to exclusively operate with EL34 power tubes, solid state rectification for a quicker and punchier response and a tighter and more modern sounding bottom end. Expect rich, complex harmonics, creamy rhythms and singing leads — all reinforced with a well focused EQ. The Concorde follows the Komet® tradition of creating an amplifier with rich, balanced sound and unmatched musicality - including superb touch sensitivity, note articulation, string to string separation and dynamic response.

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Biasing made

Bias your amplifier's power tubes in a snap. All you will need is a digitable volt meter with a mV (milli volt) setting. The Komet® 60, HD and Concorde all have convenient bias ports on the back panel, designed for swift bias settings. These bias ports are operated in conjunction with the bias control dial located just above on the chassis.

The bias control dial is a precision, 10-turn dial with a scale from 1 to 10. A brake lever locks your setting in place. The bias control system allows the user to easily set the amplifier's bias between different sets of power tubes, and precisely dial in the power tube's bias with a digital volt meter.

Also on the back control panel you will find The Touch Response switch. This Trainwreck Engineered™ circuit enables the musician to alter the amplifier's touch response characteristics to suit their playing style. A simple flip of the switch allows the player to choose between a fast, or a gradual response to one's picking dynamics and guitar's volume control settings. The Touch Response circuit is not an extra gain stage or gain boost circuit. Instead it works by magnifying subtle changes in pick or finger attack along with subtle changes in guitar volume. This circuit allows those players who prefer clean tones to run the full range of dynamics without breaking into unwanted distortion. A blues player can play on the edge of distortion easily going from clean to blues overdrive using pick attack as the controlling factor. An over the top player can go from clean to scorch using the fast setting. The slightest change in pick attack or guitar volume setting will translate into huge changes in dynamics and power. To sum up, the Touch Response circuit lets you choose the response and feel you want and makes your amplifier capable of playing every style of music.

$4999 US

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  • Total Power
    • 50 Watts RMS
  • Power Tubes
    • 2 - EL34 / 6CA7 power tubes
  • Preamplifier Tubes
    • 3 - 12AX7 pre amp tubes


  • Fast / Gradual switch
  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Hi Cut
  • 4 - 8 - 16 Ohm selector, two parallel outputs
  • Adjustable bias pot with bias ports on back control panel


  • Custom proprietary designed transformers made in the U.S.A.
  • Laser Etched Stainless Steel Komet logo made here in Louisiana.
  • Internally hand wired and meticulously assembled with the finest of components.
  • Silver tinned Teflon® wire - hand wired onto glass epoxy tag board
  • All switches made by NKK®
  • 1/8th" laser cut, aircraft grade aluminum welded chassis made here in Louisiana


  • Components assembled and mounted with stainless steel screws, bolts, washers and nuts.
  • Head Format: 22.5" x 9" x 9" - made from Baltic birch ply - made in the U.S.A.
  • Black or Silver aluminum control panels available
  • Levant style tolex (custom order color options available)
  • Weight: 38 lbs.
  • 120V / 240V AC (internally hard wired)
  • Completely built in Baton Rouge, Louisiana U.S.A.

Make it
your own.

Komet™ amplifiers are hand-crafted and are available in a wide variety of cosmetics. Each model is available with its own set of customizations such as levant tolex, colored aluminum control panels, and even different Komet logo-plate options — all available from select Komet dealers around the world.

Craft your signature tone and customize your Komet with your own look to boot.


The Komet Spirit